Friday, 29 June 2012

Sugar and spice and all things nice

Morning ladies and gentlemen :) Today I wanted to share with you a couple of my favourite products for relaxing with after a hard day. Yesterday I was in work for a mere four hours and yet I've never left so stressed in my life! I work at the head office of a shoe company and our sale started yesterday. Whilst I'm not on the phones or anything, my job is directly impacted by how many orders were placed, and there were new people to help etc etc. Safe to say I left feeling like my head had been put through the tumble-drier. Wine, a bath and a face mask were desperately needed. Which leads me to my fail-safe crisis products. Whether its a hard day at work, hormones or a break-up, these will ease the pain a little and get you feeling a bit

First up Lush's Creamy Candy Bubble Bar.

I have no idea when this first came out exactly, but I have been using this since my teens and am still in love. This baby pink lump of glory and I go way back. Incase you haven't ventured near Lush before and don't know what a bubble bar is, it's a crumbly solid bubble bath with you either break up under the running water all in one go, or like me, break it into two or three pieces and crumble one section per bath. These are all strongly scented, and I find if you use a whole one your bathroom looks like it's being taken over by bubbles so a third of a bar works for me.
Bubbles! Be warned, both the products in this post are unashamedly, almost aggressively girly to the point of a sugar headache. This smells like you fell into a vat of candy floss and escaped only to find it raining jelly beans. But I love it that way. If you have never smelled any of Lush's sweeter scents, get yourself into a store now, I also recommend Honey I washed the Kids soap which smells of (shock) honey yumminess.

Next up, Montagne Jeunesse White Chocolate Face Mask.

Bet you'll never guess what this smells like? Yeah it's all in the name. Normally I'm not a fan of chocolate scents in cosmetics or beauty products, but this one isn't too sickly so it's perfect. It smells just like white chocolate buttons. Yum.
It even looks just like melted chocolate, and has a great thick creamy consistency. As Richard will attest this scent is not to everyone's taste ("ugh have you got that stuff on again?") but I happen to love it so once again if you like sweet scents this one's for you. But does it work?And if it didn't would it even matter? Yes it does work and no it probably wouldn't matter. I'd still buy it and slather it on because a. it's 75p in Asda and smells amazing and relaxes me. It does leave my skin feeling soft, brings to a head any spots that are just lurking under the skin and cleanses the rest very well. Here's a shot of me with the mask on, giving a thumbs up cos I'm a child of the 80s.
If I ever have to go on a dating site, this should totally be my profile pic, right? Imagine the weirdos that would attract!! Anyways if these two wonder products fail, book yourself in for a massage or pour yourself a bottle of wine and stick a film on. Or if you're sporty, head to the gym and run out all your frustration. Personally, I'm off for lunch with one of my best friends today, so the bottle of wine option is looking the most likely!

See you next time, chilled as always! xx

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