Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Apivita Express Mask with Honey

Hello chicas! I have a morning off today (yay) and as well as studying, I decided a bit of pampering was in order. I received two of these lovely face masks in my first ever Glossybox, and have been waiting for a suitable day to use them. I'm really not a fan of honey usually, it makes me feel a bit sick, so I wasn't really looking forward to using this, also I have oily skin so don't really need extra moisturisation.
I like the packaging, I think it's cute and neat looking. Also, silly thing but the package was easy to tear open, I'm hoping I'm not alone in this but I find it endlessly annoying when you cannot *for the life of you* get a sachet of something open and have to revert to using scissors. I wasn't too sure what to expect of the consistency, but it's a lot lighter than I expected and less viscous.
The texture is more like a rich night cream than a face mask. I have to say, the smell is gorgeous. As mentioned honey doesn't sit well with me, but this is very subtle and actually smells more fruity than sweet. The product smooths on nicely, and I found I only needed half a sachet to cover my whole face. My only problem is because it isn't that thick it doesn't feel like other face masks, rather like I've put too much moisturiser on.
I just felt a bit slippery and greasy to be honest, the mask does feel soothing but doesn't tighten or tingle. I had to answer the door like this and felt a bit gross!
After washing this off, my skin did feel super soft. I'm off out to work now so I'll need to see if I get oilier than usual as a result of using this. I think if you have dry skin this would be amazing for you, but not so much for me. I'll be sticking to my favourite White Chocolate Montagne Jeunesse!! These are about £4.30 for two sachets which I think is pretty steep.

7.5/10 but I will not be repurchasing unfortunately.


  1. Seems to be a pretty cool mask. I like the smell of honey. :)

    Great blog, the topics are great!

    Thanks for your comment. ♥

    XX and Greets from Germany!

    1. You can have them delivered all through Europe if you check out their site :) thanks for stopping by xxx


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