Friday, 1 June 2012

SheSaid Beauty Box June 2012

It's Beauty Box time again! My friend Claire at work, who sometimes reads this so hi Claire if you're reading, alerted me to the fact that this was due to arrive today, and we both got rather excited about the contents. I quite like the fact that SheSaid give you the chance to have a sneak peek at what you're getting before it arrives, if anything it makes the anticipation greater. So my lovely box arrived today:
I'm really happy with its contents, I've read loads of blogs bitching moaning about the fact that there have been lashes in quite a few of the SheSaid boxes but I love lashes so this makes me happy, I have a nice little collection which I intend to grow! Plus they're usually at least £6 for each set to buy so it makes the box worthwhile.
These are Let's Go Lashes in "Tease" which to be honest might not have been my first choice of  the lashes which were available, but this is a good thing as a lot of my lashes look similar. I'm really looking forward to trying these out. These are £8.95 normally.

Next up is an Elemis Spa@Home Bath Elixir. I love Elemis, I use their lip balm so was glad to see this. Tranquil Touch is a very warming scent, almost spicy and comforting. I can imagine soaking into this with aching muscles to relax. We got 50ml and it is £19.00 for 300ml.
Now isn't this a sight for sore eyes (and pasty skin)? This is the ideal time of year for us to get a tanning product, it was either this or the Perfect Legs spray which I believe washes off so for me this was preferable. I've thought about buying the full size product before, but for £14.30 I've always ended up getting full fake tan or another cheaper gradual tanner so this is great to be able to give it a try.
We then got a couple of smaller samples, Yardley seems a bit of an old-lady brand to me but this is a special perfume for the Jubilee, and I actually really like the smell, it's floral without smelling like a granny, and quite zesty too. Also, it's ony  £9.99 for100ml which is a massive bargain. Then a sample of Ginvera Green Tea BB Cream. From what I can find online, Ginvera is a company founded in Singapore, which will make this the first authentic eastern BB cream I will have used which is very exciting. Look at the cute packaging and instructions inside! Tap tap tap! (if you can't see it that's the writing around the girl's face)

I'll let you know how I get on with this! Last but not least Balance Me Super Moisturising Hand Cream, which is worth £6.00 for this size. I don't like this at all, despite it being a multi-award winning product. It works fairly well as a hand cream, is very thick and does what it says on the tin. But my hands don't feel very soothed. My main problem, though, is that I DETEST the smell. It's a bit like the Neals Yard products, most of which I also hate, as they smell too strongly of essential oils. This has Lavender in, which I really like but the patchouli comes through far too strongly and it reeks!! I will be donating this to my mother.
Generally speaking, this was a really good box, even the hand cream works well just smells horrid! My 3 month subscription just ran out, and I think I will re-subscribe!

What did you get in your box and were you happy with it? xxx

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