Thursday, 14 June 2012

Summer time, and the livin is easy...

Though getting a tan in Scotland isn't quite so easy! We had a week and a half of us being so warm we melted onto the pavements, then the torrential rain came out and we froze, gazing longingly at our abandoned maxi dresses and sandals. I even wore my uggs to work for three days! sigh

So I've given up on a real tan and have reverted to old faithful fake tan (it's better for your skin anyway). I normally slum it with St Moritz (£2.99) which does the trick, but being a beauty blogger and curious as to what's out there, I've tried a couple of other brands since. As you might have seen in my May empties post I had a Fake Bake tan I got on a deal from BuyaPowa. I did love it but it's expensive compared to St Moritz and wasn't THAT much better. So onto attempt no 2!

I got this free in my last SheSaid beauty box and was over the moon when I saw it! I'm sad to report I'm not quite as happy now. We got quite a big sample, which was great and it was the medium/dark shade which I was also fairly happy with. It's billed as an everyday moisturiser, so I figured it would be a bit like the Dove or Johnsons ones I've tried before and build up slowly. WRONG.
As you can see it just looks like a normal, unassuming body moisturiser, it doesn't smell like biscuits and it glides on nicely. The only problem is it's hard to tell how much you've put on or if it's all even as it soaks straight in and is sheer once smoothed out. The result is horrendous streaking. The tanning agent is great in that it develops over the next four hours, and I would say after four hours you already have a sun-kissed look, not a full tan but not my deathly pale shade of normality!

So I put this on once yesterday morning and at night saw how patchy and streaky it was, so in the evening applied more to the bits that needed topping up, thinking this would solve the issue. Oh Emma, how naive and hopeful you are. Look at the state of this:
I'm not a glutton for punishment and I don't have supermodel legs so please understand I have sacrificed myself in the name of science (well, beauty) in putting pics of my legs up here haha! I've also had to make them XL so you can see the lines properly!
Brown knee, random brown patch on side of calf, random brown patch near ankle, vague hint of tan everywhere else??? I honestly was so careful when putting this on, trying to smooth it out evenly to avoid this happening. I don't know if the pictures do the streaking justice, but it is really bad in real life. So, as I'm going to a wedding on Sunday, I'm going to have to scrub this all off and start again with St Moritz if I want to look bronzed. St Tropez 0 St Moriz 1
Little brown knees, streaky uneven legs. Woot woo!
Sorry if anyone out there loves this, it has put me off the whole range to be honest, though if I see the normal tanning products on a deal I could be tempted.

4/10 but only because it tans really quickly and doesn't stink


  1. I've tried the Jergens one like this, and I had the same issues. The face one worked great, but the body one was a nightmare no matter how careful I was! Sad to hear a brand like this is the same, I've heard people say this is one of the best

  2. I think we maybe just need to stick to lotions or mousses, I'm definitely staying loyal to cheap St Moritz although Fake Bake was good too, just too expensive!!xx


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