Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Nfu Oh! Nail Varnish

Before I go on to rant about how much I hate this product, I must share the beauty of its packaging. Once again I have been ensnared by beautiful bottling and design for a mediocre product. I had seen another Nfu Oh! polish on an American blog somewhere and fell in love  with the corset design of the bottle, so was determined when I got paid I would treat myself to one. I got this one in the sale for £7.77, they are normally £12-£15, and it's £2.50 for delivery so this was not an impulse buy.
Visually stunning, and I thought a pretty pastel yellow would be great for spring time, the shade looks so creamy and smooth. I thought if they put so much effort into the bottle surely the varnish itself will be good quality too? WRONG, this polish is the DEVIL. This is one coat without flash:

Yuck. A big smeary mess. No matter how I tried, the first coat on all my nails looked like this. I had to put on three coats to get it looking like this:
Still looking a bit lumpy but at least it's opaque. So the polish was looking quite nice and creamy at this point. But it would not dry! I waited over an hour before going to bed and it was still not remotely dry, it had gone that thick sludgy way where if you bump into anything massive dents appear. you could actually move the polish around on the nail by squishing it with your finger. It kept shifting so I kept smudging it back into place. Weird, right?
Even worse, when I woke up, this is what all my nails looked like:
What an absolute state. I wouldn't expect this from a Collection 2000 nail varnish. I could have just been unlucky with this shade (154) but it seems unlikely. This will be kept for nail marbling and nail art. Whatever you do, do not buy from Nfu Oh! I really hate being rude about a brand but this is a complete waste of money. Sad times :(

0/10, harsh but fair

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