Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Moonwalk 2012!

Hi girls, as some of you are not from the UK, you might not know about the Moonwalk. Every year in several cities including Edinburgh, thousands of women walk a marathon at midnight in their decorated bras to raise money for Breast Cancer charities. Myself and my friend Denise participated last year and it was amazing, very emotional and inspiring, especially as many women (and men) were there in memory of those lost to the disease. This year we are joined by some more of our friends and are decorating our bras in a tropical theme! Have a look at my bra!! I don't think I've ever typed that before haha!

I went for a little island scene on the right (when it's on) with a hula girl, then exotic fruit on the left. One of the benefits of having a larger than average chest is having more cup space to work with lol! I went to Hobbycraft which is like my paradise, and stocked up on felt, fabric pens and *glow in the dark* fabric pens. Yeah you read that right- this bra GLOWS IN THE DARK.
This side is my favourite, do you like my happy starfish? I've clearly missed my calling as a nursery school teacher. The cloud, fish etc are done in the glow in the dark glue.
I was going to just have a pair of pineapples on my bra but then I thought I was asking for some fruity comments on the way through town! Last year there were some drunk guys about but you're totally safe as there's thousands of volunteers looking after you. But for the most part, people in their flats or on the streets are so lovely, they literally stay up for hours cheering you on, waving out their window and shouting for you. Which is nice as you're cold and tired, makes you smile!

I'll post a pic of me finishing with my medal after Saturday, I finished at 4am last year and I'm working at 11am so might be a bit dead! If you want to sponsor me I would be delighted but don't feel pressured, I hate forcing people to sponsor you for things! The link is here, and you just choose me (Emma Todd) to donate to.

Wish me luck!! xx


  1. wow very nice bra! you are definitely very artistic :)

  2. I love how you get so creative on the decorations
    super lovely <3
    following you too :)


  3. Thanks ladies! It did take me quite a while but was great fun to do! xx

  4. What a cute and fun bra! You are really creative. Want to follow each other? Let me know :)


  5. What a fun idea. Never heard of that.

    Thanks for your nice comment, I'm now following you.



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