Friday, 15 June 2012

Clarins Beauty Flash Balm

So, every now and then I hear the hype about a product and when everyone is going "OMG this is the most AMAZING thing, it's changed my life, saved my marriage and brought me all kinds of luck and happiness" (I exaggerate,but seriously it's just makeup), I tend to sit back and wait to read the reviews before buying in. The reason I ended up getting this was because I had seen it in the makeup bags of a couple of friends and family members and they kindly let me try it. Is it worth the hype, and the price tag for that matter? Let's have a look:
As always, the Clarins packaging is timeless and elegant, well constructed and easy to get in to. The writing is clear and it has a catchy name. All in all thumbs up.
You get 50ml in a tube, they have now changed the tube to be more elongated and not have the gold band which I actually don't like as much. This is a nice squat tube which fits in my little stubby hands well haha. The actual product is a thick orangey-peach colour, it says it is a balm but it feels more like a gel-cream (think a thicker, more opaque version of Clinique's Moisture Surge).
It feels very refreshing when you smooth it on, isn't tacky or oily and doesn't take too long to sink in. This product is supposed to brighten, tighten and revitalise tired or dull skin. Does it do this? I honestly don't know! I feel more radiant but this does cool and refresh your skin, so I'm not sure if that's why I feel that way. Looking in the mirror, it honestly doesn't make any difference to bare skin that I can see so I didn't bother taking before and afters, there was no point!

It does make a great base for makeup, however watch out for some BB creams as the moisturising properties in both don't seem to get on  and I got loads of patches where the BB cream was rubbing off as I put it on! (Like eraser rubbings) With foundation, I didn't get oily, my makeup stayed put for longer and I did feel more awake looking.

So is it worth the hype? Or the £28 price tag? Yes, I reckon so. But only when used with other, specific products. If you have a good foundation and are having a dull or tired day, this will sort you out and make you baby faced and fresh. If you rarely look tired, don't bother with this. Go buy another great primer as this won't do much for you.

8/10 and I might repurchase


  1. great review! i guess it works better as a primer then used under foundation? I know what you mean about the hype! glad it worked out alright for you! x

  2. Hi hun. I nominated you for a blog award

  3. Great review of this product. I may have to try it under my foundation since it helps your makeup stay place without being oily! Sounds like something I would like to try!

    Great post!!!



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