Wednesday, 27 June 2012

June Empties!

Guess the title is pretty self-explanatory but last month I decided I would try to use up as many of my extra products as I could. I normally flit between shower gels etc having loads on the go at any given time, but I have been very strict and made myself stick to the same products. It's surprisingly hard to do as I get bored of the same scents so easily! But our flat isn't the largest and my products are taking over so it had to be done. Here are this months empties:
Sadly I ended up using up some of my favourite products! But those ones will be replaced eventually so not to worry! I'll leave out the little shampoo/conditioners that I brought back from a holiday, and just talk about the rest:

  1. Kerastase Oleo Curl Definition Cream. This is my third bottle of this, and I still love it. My hair is somewhere between curly and wavy, and if I don't use a product it tends to frizz a little. This is lightweight but keeps my curls formed. It doesn't go crispy or crunchy on your hair. It comes out as a slightly runny, orange coloured cream which smells glorious. I want to try the shampoo and conditioner from this range, but as it's pretty expensive I keep putting it off. Buy this at My HG product for curly hair.
2. Technically two products. My two favourite shower gels from Lush, The Olive Branch and Snow Fairy. Snow Fairy is a Christmas product, but I stock up every year so I have enough to last me and I've just run out *sob* It's baby pink, full of glitter and smells like sweeties. What more's to like? However I've heard Godmother soap smells the same so I might need to check it out. The Olive Branch is a unisex scent and reminds me of when I was in Italy, which I think it's meant to. It has vine leaves, mandarin, bergamot and olive oil in it and is a very wholesome, warming scent that makes me happy!

3. Proactiv Revitalising Toner. Hmm. Did I like this? I'm not really sure. I bought the whole Proactiv starter kit to try and found it really dried me out and made me peel, but when I use each item maybe once or twice a week it did make me have less blemishes. It does work, but I probably wouldn't repurchase. Plus it's expensive and smells odd.

 4. Clinique Take the Day Off Makeup Remover for Lids Lashes and Lips. Not only is it a mouthful, it's inaccurately named. It should be called "Take most of your makeup off and leave a horrible oily residue on your skin, then wake up with panda eyes the next day" remover, if they're determined to give it a long name. It gave me greasy eyelids but didn't remove all my mascara, tasted gross if I tried to remove lipstick with it, and was generally a bit crap. Sorry Clinique, but this was abominable. Chucked this in the bin with more force than was strictly necessary.

5. Rimmel Pro Super Wear Top Coat. I don't often swear on here or in real life really, but this is *shit*. It has a nice thick brush which would be very helpful if it didn't have the consistency of tar after using it twice. I tried the old nail varnish remover trick to water it down, but it just sat on top of the varnish, not mixing so I poured it out. On the two occasions I used this, it took around 3days to dry. Not literally, but it took much longer than is reasonable (at least 4 hours to be completely dry). I feel bad as I got this as a present and someone paid money for this for me, and I'm chucking it out barely used. Avoid.
6. Naked smooth Silky Shampoo. As you can see the label has peeled off a bit from being in the shower but apart from that this is a great product. Naked got in there before everyone else with the sulphate-free shampoos, and it shows. This doesn't lather as much as normal shampoo but it smells gorgeous and leaves your hair soft and clean, the matching conditioner works really well too. If you haven't tried anything from Naked, I would highly recommend it.

7. OPI Avojuice Mango. MMMM this smells delicious. It's not the best hand cream in the world, I like thicker ones usually but it smells so good I don't care.
8. This on the other hand, is the best hand cream in the world. L'Occitane dry skin hand cream. It's consistency is not as thick as the Body shop hemp hand cream but it's just as effective and doesn't stink. Portable and brilliant. I prefer this one to all the scented ones they do, and will definitely rebuy this.

9. Just as my camera died I was about to take a pic of the Barbara Daly sheer powder in the bottom left but it's pretty boring packaging anyway. What I can tell you is it's one of the best cheap powders I've ever bought, you can get it in Tesco for around £6.00, it lasts ages and really works. Definitely try this if you get the chance.

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