Wednesday, 20 June 2012

June Freebies and Ciate Review

The sun is shining and I'm a happy doll. Hope you're all having a day full of cake and tea :) As you may know, I'm a student, bargain hunter and general all-round chancer. So I love a deal or a freebie, and magazine freebies are the best of all. Personally I love Glamour as they always seem to team up with the best companies, but Instyle and Marie Claire are pretty good as well, if a little more expensive. This month has a plethora of freebies available, but being a little skint (two birthdays, fathers day, two weddings to attend, and a failed MOT), I limited myself. Well, a bit.
I only bought three magazines! That's not too bad for me. I've used BadGal mascara before and wasn't that impressed so didn't want that freebie, but I wanted a travel size PoreFessional and I've never tried "That Gal" . Don't know about you but I'd rather fork out £2.00 for a sample size than get the full size and hate it! So I got two Glamour magazines and one Marie Claire for the Ciate nail varnish. Being a cheapskate bit skint, I kind of kicked myself afterwards. I do NOT need any more nail varnish, just because it's a pretty colour blah blah blah.

HOWEVER, this has become my new favourite nail varnish. Last month in Instyle we got some Nails Inc varnishes which were gorgeous colours, but they peeled within two days, which was very frustrating. This nail varnish is a *dream*. I got the shade Jelly Bean, which is a fuschia with a violet-blue undertone, it is slightly iridescent in the bottle but to be completely honest it's not quite as obvious on.
The application is effortless, it is smooth and creamy, you only need two coats to get it looking like this. The brush is a perfect size so I didn't find myself painting half of my fingers as well as my nails. It dries quickly, within a couple of minutes, and there are no streaks or bubbles.

I always like seeing how the colour looks next to the shade in the bottle incase it dries funny! The best thing about this, though, is the wear. I have had this on for five days now and only have minimal tip wear, there are no chips or flaking. For once I may remove nail varnish because I want a change rather than because it looks a mess. The formula is AMAZING. Unless you really look up close it looks like it has just been applied. For £3.70 this is a bargain, even for the £11.00 RRP this is a great buy. I put diamantes on my thumbs and big toes for the wedding!

Sorry for the Blair Witch quality of these photos, I took them in the evening after I'd done them and had to use the flash. Very weird looking! Haha. So, I highly recommend these and the other Ciate varnishes, you get a 15% off code with the bottle for their online shop, I'm lusting after the Caviar Manicure so might get that on payday. Also might sneak the other Marie Claire colours into my basket in Sainsburys!

10/10 and a HUGE thumbs up to Ciate! Tempted to buy multiples of this colour!

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