Monday, 25 June 2012

Kokeshi in the buff!

Well that got your attention, didn't it? This morning the postman turned up with a very exciting package for me, I had been speaking to Ellie from Betty Buff, scrub maker extraordinaire, on Twitter. She offered to send me some goodies to review, and I obviously accepted ecstatically! I had heard of Betty Buff on another blog, and was really drawn to how so much care is put into the products. I have sensitive skin but like a good scrub, and I need to be so careful with what I use on my body. I'm a massive Lush fan as I like fresh products made with wholesome ingredients, and I would say Betty Buff's products are even more wholesome than Lush! This is what I got (spoiled or what?)

So on the left we have the Peppermint sugar scrub from the Gunky Monkey range (it's for boys), Candy Floss sugar scrub, Besty Zesty sugar scrub and Banoffee sugar scrub. I've not touched the Peppermint one as I'm leaving it for Richard to open and try it and I love how it's packaged! All the packaging is quirky and cute, I love the 50's pinup in the bath style and general retro feel. You also get a lot for your money, which is a big deal for a bargain hunter like me. The smaller pots are £6.00, the larger pot is £8.00, as is the Gunky Monkey scrub.
I sniffed all three of my scrubs and they each smell AMAZING. The Candy Floss has freeze dried strawberries in it and smells like a strawberry daquiri, I was salivating just sniffing it, I'll review that in full later. Same with the Banoffee scrub, I don't like fake banana scents but luckily this wasn't like that at all! It has soft brown sugar in it so is a thicker consistency, it reminds me of an expensive mud scrub I had done in Egypt. It smells luxurious and rich, and it reminds me of when we used to put bananas on the barbeque with rum on. It also reminds me of gingerbread men! Maybe this scrub should be one to share in the bath with someone you love as it's quite a sexy smell :) But onto the star of the bunch, Besty Zesty.
 Isn't that gorgeous? It smells really fresh and citrussy, a bit like Tropicana to be honest! The texture is not too grainy, quite light and easy to mix. But my favourite thing about this is the lack of oiliness after using it. I have used so many scrubs, Body Shop, Lush, Boots, Sanctuary Spa, Clinique, Arran Aromatics, the list goes on. But a lot of them have a moisturising cream or oil added to them, which leaves me feeling oily or makes my skin react. This does have vegetable oil in it but there is hardly any, and there is glycerine, honey and fresh grapefruit which keep the liquid element of the scrub light.
Can you see the grapefruit bits and pips? I love that! I like being able to see the ingredients in products, it somehow makes me feel as though they are more likely to work? Weird haha. Anyway I just scoop up some of the product, making sure its a mixture of the scrubby bit and the liquid, and work in circles on my skin, not too hard, until I feel as though its had a good going over. Then rinse off with warm water. I usually jump in the bath and start with my legs.
Results? Pretty darn great! No redness on my legs, which is the usual reaction if the scrub is too harsh, no tingling or itching, as it's natural and fresh so doesn't irritate with nasty chemicals. My skin feels smooth and clean, I have beach-ready legs for once! Now I just need Scotland to get the sun out and I'll reveal my baby-soft, gleaming skin. I'm really very impressed with this product and I like the fact that it has to be used by August due to the fresh ingredients. It worries me when a beauty product could last a nuclear attack and still be used. Fresh all the way! Obviously this was given to me, but as I'm sure you know I'm honest about everything I review (you can read my scathing review of an Nfu Oh nail varnish here if you doubt this).

Betty Buff's website is about to be updated so the current one is a little plain (sorry Ellie I know the new one will be shiny and gorgeous), but don't let that put you off for now. Betty Buff products are great value for money, high quality and fun to use. You can find them at

10/10 from me, I'll be happy to buy from the rest of the range once I've used these up!!


  1. My friend got me the tropical one, it smelled so good I had to stop myself from eating it! x

    1. Mmm might need to buy the tropical one after I've used these up! xx


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