Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Gradient nails, first attempt!

Hey dollfaces, as you might have gathered, I love my nail varnish and tend to redo my nails as soon as they start to chip, I hate looking scruffy! Well I had on the horrendous Nfu Oh! nail varnish as reviewed here, so had to get rid of it sharpish and didn't want to just stick on a boring normal shafe (yawn). I love the gradient trend recently and bought some cosmetic sponges from Home Bargains so it seemed like a perfect time to give it a try!
I couldn't decide on which shade to go for, then though a lilac to purple gradient would go well. This is the rather inaccurately named Power Pink Nails Inc for InStyle, and ELF Purple Pleaser, which are very far enough in shade to work for a gradient.
I found this technique MUCH easier and quicker to complete than the nail marbling I tried here, which took forever! I painted a base coat of Power Pink then found an old glossy mag and dropped a bit of each nail varnish next to each other on it. You mix them slightly where they overlap using an orange stick, then take your cosmetic sponge, and make sure you get both colours on it. Start with the darker colour at the tip of your nail and dab gently, moving up and down the nail ever so slightly to make sure it's blending well.
All you need really!
Finish off with a top coat and your nails should look like this:
Super quick and easy, and quite an effective result! The ELF nail varnishes are £2.50, the Nails Inc came free with InStyle, £3.70 I think? You don't need to use much of either to achieve this effect either. I will definitely be trying this again with other colours, and want to try it with three colours. One step at a time, eh? 

Have you ever tried gradient nails? Any other effects I should try? xx


  1. This looks fab! I haven't tried it yet, I'm still trying to get better with my stamping lol x :-)

  2. I should totally try gradient nails after my exam ! Try doing galaxy nails ! I tried it and it looked beautiful ;) x


  3. These look lovely , i did mine a similar colour a while ago, but i used 3 purples :)
    They looked fab.

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