Friday, 8 June 2012

Tis the season to get married...

So I don't know about you lot, but this seems to be the time of year (and the year for that matter) to get married! I've been to three weddings so far this year and off to my fourth within the next couple of weeks. Now obviously we all love a good wedding, but I'm struggling to find another dress to wear! I know that probably seems selfish as it's all about the bride etc etc, but all my workmates will be there and I want to look nice. So i'm enlisting your help, I have some dresses and want your opinion!

First up this cute little number from River Island, the cheapest of the bunch. I love the silhoutte, this shape really suits me and ends up being the style I buy a lot of my dresses in:
I love the lace detail and the colour is very this season. Teamed with nude high heels and a tan I think it would be really pretty?

In the same vein, there is this little pretty from Little Mistress:

More lace, similar silhoutte, but can you wear ivory/cream to a wedding? I don't think I could. But I love this, it has a summer tea party feel to it and I love the antique lace!

Next up, a floral number with a cut out back from Oasis. You can't beat flowers for girly chic,eh?

I love the print as it's not too fussy, but does the belt make it look a bit too informal? I'm not sure!!! Also the most expensive of the bunch. Hmm.

Last but not least, the brave option. Figure hugging and fashionable as opposed to girly and sweet.
This is from Oasis and takes no prisoners:
I really like the panelling, but it's my most scary option. I'm not sure if I want to brave the sexy option!!

So ladies, I NEED your help!!! What do you think? xxx


  1. Oh I love the first dress, supercute.=)

  2. the 2nd one! only because I'm in love with lace right now! :D

  3. I think you should avoid wearing anything cream, ivory of white to a wedding just in case. I really like the River Island one, it'd very summery & pretty x :-)

  4. Yeah I'm swaying towards the first one to be honest! I also have a wardrobe full of dresses screaming to be worn but there's just something about buying a new dress that I love! xx


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