Thursday, 31 May 2012

MAC Nail Varnish- Screening Room (LE)

I have been buying from MAC for around ten years now, and have considered buying their nail varnishes before but somehow never quite got round to it. As you may know, I had a little shopping trip yesterday and ended up in Harvey Nichols as I had a £5 voucher off ESPA products which I got when I purchased my SpaFresh Toner. However as always, the MAC counter exerted it's unnatural force over me and I ended up there first. Speaking to the MUA I found out that there is going to be a full permanent collection of nail varnishes coming out very soon which we both got rather excited about! As I'm trying to be good and not spend much, I just bought a nail varnish from the Reel Sexy collection.

Let me introduce you to Screening Room:
I am always drawn to teal or turquoise colours, they remind me of the sea! I somehow don't have any nail varnishes in this specific colour, and I know how highly pigmented MAC's eyeshadows and lippies are so had great faith in this being good quality too. The Hey Sailor! Collection has a white nail varnish that I was tempted by for nail art but then I thought surely I'll be able to find a cheaper dupe somewhere (these are £9.00 each)
That's our park in the background, what a horrible day! This is a very creamy nail varnish, it only takes two coats to be fully ready to go but you could get away with one. It dries so quickly, I would say under two minutes to be completely dry and has a really glossy rich finish. It really is fabulous quality. On day two and no tip wear so far.
Please excuse the shabby application, but look how SHINY it is! There was only one small gripe, the brush is a little stiff at first so all my first coats were quite patchy if I pressed the brush a little harder than usual and then had to fill in the gaps. Saying that, when you top up some varnishes there is a visible overlap whereas this just melt into the varnish already there.
I like the fact that the colour in the bottle matches the dried colour on the nails also, and if anything the polish is MORE shiny than the liquid version. Very happy with this. Also like the matt lid of the bottle, is there anything MAC can get wrong?

10/10 and would recommend you ladies get your mitts on one of these soon!

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  1. Ooh such a beautiful shade. I don't own a Mac polish yet, but I'll be interested to see what is in their new permanent line. Nice post hun x :-)


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