Monday, 7 May 2012

If it's good enough for Cleopatra...

It's good enough for me! I'm talking about the milk baths Cleopatra and Elizabeth I of England used to lavish themselves in, believing them to soothe the skin and have youth-preserving qualities. This isn't quite so luxurious, but I do love a good bath every now and then. Waitrose has their own range of body lotions, hand creams and bath soaks named "Umi". At first when I spotted this I didn't even realise it was made for Waitrose, as it isn't in their branding, and looks very high end.

I like the fact it is in a vaguely milk-bottle shaped glass bottle, that you can see the product through, and it smells divine! The actual smell is "Palm milk and Acacia Honey", which sounds a bit sickly sweet, but it is actually a very soothing, calming creamy sweet smell to soak in and ease your tired bones. The consistency is very thick but smooth and I didn't expect it to foam, being described as a soak, but lovely bubbles form a white cloud-like layer on the top of the bath which looks very inviting!

You don't need to use much, and you get 500ml for £4.00, or £2.72 at the minute as there is a third off (yep bargain hunting again!). If you're near Waitrose and you fancy a treat for your bathroom, or a nice pressie for your mum, they have this and a couple of other scents, linden blossom and chilli chocolate which also smell great. I'm really impressed and will be going back for something else from the range! What's your favourite bath bomb or soak?

10/10 and this might be a staple in my bathroom for the foreseeable future :)

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