Friday, 11 May 2012

MAC "Dainty" Mineralize Blush

Hello lovelies! After a horrible day of being very unwell yesterday, I have recovered and am en route to Manchester with Richard, so sorry for being quiet! Anyway onto today's post!!

Incase you didn't get the memo (which is unlikely) Mineralize blushers are made from minerals baked to create a formula that goes on lightweight and is easily buildable. I already have one of these in "Love Thing" which is a very dark pink that was completely the wrong shade for me, and when I saw this on BuyaPowa it instantly looked more accessible and light for spring/summer looks. Now I bet you'll agree that on the MAC site, this doesn't look anything like it does in real life, it's described as a "light yellow pink with gold pearl" and looks like an antique pink shade. Surely for such a massive company MAC could get some better photography of their products?? This is what it REALLY looks like, out of the box and a bit grubby even though I've only used it twice.
Not that my photography is spectacular, but you can hopefully see it looks a bit more peachy pink than warm pink, and it turned up with a bit of a crack running through it, which I was worried would split but hasn't so far. I love the sparkle to all the Mineralize blushes, I tend to stroke them and lust over them at the MAC counter, much more than their duller counterparts. For application of all my powder blushes, I tend to use my favourite brush, my 129SH from MAC, which retails at £26.00 but is well worth the price tag. This layers on sheerly and builds up to a lovely lit-from-within look. This is without blusher, then the blusher just over my Garnier BB cream and a bit of moisturiser.
I quite like the fact that the glitter is finely milled and not too in-your-face, but still catches the light prettily. This is fairly heavily layered but you could go all-out clown face if you wanted (god forbid). It goes well with almost any eyeshadow and lip combo, maybe not silver based colours due to the glitter. For anyone looking for their first Mineralize buy, I would recommend this shade as an exquisite start to any collection!

10/10 even with the crack, and would recommend/repurchase


  1. Such a cute natural summer blush!
    Girl Meets Beauty

  2. omg i love this blush! i recently went to mac and the mua tried it on me and ever since i've been wanting it! :-)

  3. I really recommend it! I'm away for a few days on holiday and ended up at the MAC counter, big mistake! Got morange lipstick so will bw doing a little review shortly :) xx


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