Monday, 21 May 2012

My Desert Island Foundation (possibly HG): Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation

As you can probably guess from the title, I am a bit obsessed with this product. Ever since I went to the Bobbi Brown counter in Jenners (a department store in Edinburgh) and got made over, I have wanted it! The lovely girl even gave me a little pot with some to take away and try myself. I love it when companies do that, as I have really sensitive skin and need to see if I react. Also I don't want to pay over £20 for a foundation and then hate it!

If you like a full coverage, then I'm afraid this isn't for you, ladies. This is a very light foundation, designed to make it look like you don't have makeup on, just perfect skin naturally (which is we all want, right?). It is surprisingly runny in consistency, I did not believe for a second it would cover my blemishes but it really does smooth right over them. Somehow I can still see my freckles through this, which looks natural, but my spots are barely visible. All I need to do is dab a dot of concealer on blemishes and I'm good to go!

Various stages of blending

All of Bobbi Brown's foundations are created so that you can build them up for a fuller coverage, I rarely do this but it certainly works when I do, without any cakey-ness or looking heavy. This retails for £29.00, I got mine at duty free in Dublin airport for 30 euros and I'm pretty happy with it for that price. No, it's not cheap. But when I think of all the £8-£10 foundations I've bought then thrown/given away because they weren't great, it makes more sense to get this. This is a photo of the foundation in action from my friend's birthday the other night (not very flattering but you get the idea)

I now want to try all the other foundations in the range, and really want the tinted moisturiser! Have you tried any of the other items? If so, what do you think?

10/10 and my eternal love for this foundation. Thanks, Bobbi!

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