Monday, 14 May 2012

Back to reality!

How rubbish is coming back from holiday?? We were only away four days but it felt like so much longer which was lovely :) I was in Manchester with my boyfriend Richard, we went to see Jerry Seinfeld one night and Paul Merton the next so made it into a little trip. I've only been to Manchester for work before so it was really nice to go for pleasure and we got amazing weather, it was sunny 80% of the time, if a little windy, I even had to go buy flip flops as I had "cleverly" packed light and just taken Uggs for the day time! Much delicious food was consumed and a *ahem* few cocktails also. Mangotini anyone??

Richard is good at researching places before we visit, so we went to Mr Toms Victorian Chophouse for food, The Room and the Alchemist for cocktails and a couple of other nice little places like Jack Spratt's for lunch. We also discovered Barburrito which is the most amazing chilled-out Mexican food, come to Edinburgh Barburrito!! Here's a gratuitous pic of the two of us in the Alchemist with our test-tubey shots. Everything is done like a chemistry experiment and one of my cocktails was wood-smoked with a bunsen burner in front of me!
Obviously, there are loads of shops and shopping centres in Manchester, so I managed to sneak in some purchases, including the much longed-for Indian Ocean by Models Own woohoo! The Harvey Nichols in Manchester was a little disappointing compared to ours in Edinburgh, but the Selfridges is AMAZING! Richard had to leave me alone at the MAC dept, chatting away to the MUA as I tend to get a little engrossed haha. But anyway, we did experience some culture at the war museum, which was amazing but sad and thought provoking (understandably). We both turned into quivering wrecks when we decided to visit the viewing platform as the lift was very shaky and seemed like it was going to drop at any minute! Here is me looking small in a big cartoon room and Richard trying to look manly next to a tank LOL.
Enough culture, onto the haul! I was pretty restrained actually for me, only one Mac purchase which was good (sort of). So we have two candles which smelled yummy, Morange Mac Lipstick, Models Own Lilac Dream and Indian Ocean, pretty good huh? 
Ooh pretty things! I also got a couple of Primark items, but nothing else really jumped out at me, which is typical but good for my bank balance. I wore the Mac lipstick in our night out so see the top pics, but here are a couple of close-ups for a better idea. Now I don't need to tell you how good Mac lipsticks are, how creamy they are and how nice they smell, but I can tell you this is such a gorgeous yet wearable colour!! If you want to get brave and branch out, I seriously recommend this shade.
Well, that's my wee update sorry for being quiet while I've been away and this very pic-heavy post!! Glad to be home safe and sound but can't wait to go away again! Are any of you away on a city break soon? xx


  1. I love the Models Own Indian Ocean!! I'm trying to save up for them :)

    Also, LOVE LOVE LOVE that colour lipstick. I've been trying to find a cheaper alternative to my MAC lipsticks but think I'm gonna have to bite the bullet and keep buying them!!

  2. Love that lipstick colour on you! Gorgeous!



  3. Thanks girls! I literally could not decide which shade to choose, there are just too many!! Think I'm going to go for Impassioned next, or one of the purple shades. Damn you Mac!! xx

  4. Hey girl! Thank you for stopping by my blog & leaving me the sweet comment. I LOVE your blog & am a new follower! I will enjoy reading your past posts. By the way that MAC shade looks gorgeous on you! Looking forward to keeping in touch!


    1. Thanks honey for popping by, made my day :) xx


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