Friday, 25 May 2012

Models Own Indian Ocean and Lilac Dream

When I was away in Manchester I picked up my first Models Own varnishes, Lilac Dream and the famous Indian Ocean from the Beetlejuice range. I really only wanted Indian Ocean but they were two for £8.00 so I had to get two, obviously! I've seen on loads of blogs that Indian Ocean looks amazing layered over a matt shade so thought I'd give them a whirl together!
Indian Ocean
Lilac Dream
As you can probably see, Indian Ocean is a gorgeous shimmering, pearlescent shade with blue, violet and turquoise hints throughout. It is a sheer but highly pigmented colour which I love. The Lilac Dream shade is a bit more bland, a purple cream shade perfect for the pastel trend this season. I thought layering the shimmer over the purple would pick out the purple shades in the Beetlejuice shade, and I think it turned out very pretty!
This is a nice day-to-day look that is feminine and sweet but not over the top. I'm sorry my camera isn't great and doesn't capture the full complexity of the Indian Ocean colour, but it reminds me of petrol how it changes in the light as you move your hands side to side. I must have looked like a weirdo staring at my nails in different lights but I couldn't help it!
If you don't have any Models Own polishes, I would really recommend them, I have to be honest and say the packaging feels and looks a little on the cheap side, but the product is very well formulated and creamy. I used the lilac shade for my nail marbling post and it worked just as well as the OPI polishes, so for the price difference I was very impressed. You can get Models Own from Boots or ASOS and they retail at £5.00.

9/10 and I will definitely sample more Models Own nail varnishes :)


  1. So pretty! I want to buy a Models Own polish.
    Girl Meets Beauty

  2. I've never used any Models Own polish but I am in LOVE with these colors you picked out!!! I need to get them!!!! Perfect look for summer!


  3. I'm so impressed with these, totally going to get more now! By the way ladies, sells these and I think they have free international delivery! xxx

  4. Hey dollface! I'm wearing this exact combo in my lashes post:

    Following you now, love your work! xx

  5. Thanks Kate!! Just checked out your blog and love it but there's no follow option?? Silly blogger playing up maybe i'll try later xxx


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