Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Montagne Jeunesse Face Mask Haul

I love shopping for beauty products in the supermarket as they usually have some pretty good deals on and it's nice to get a little treat with your food shopping! I have been using Montagne Jeunesse masks for years, they are so affordable and you can have the feeling of a facial in your own home. So when I was in Asda the other day (massive supermarket like Walmart for my American friends), they had these all on a roll-back price of 75p and I was over the moon and picked up a couple. The first ones I got were the white chocolate mask and the passion peel-off masks. I loved them so much I went back for more!
I couldn't find my passion peel-off one again but the white chocolate one, I LOVE white chocolate so snapped it up in a heartbeat. I kind of went for three pairs of masks, let's take a little look!
Let's get fruity!!! I love fruity scents, especially Raspberry, so this first fruit smoothie with Mango and Raspberry and Mango. If you haven't used any of these masks before they are really highly scented so if you don't like strong smelling things avoid them. If you do, like me, it's lovely to sit in a sweet or fruity smelling cloud letting them work their magic! I haven't tried one I haven't liked yet, which is more than I can say for more expensive face masks (Lush I'm looking at you). Also can you beat Strawberry and Whipped Cream in any situation (not THAT kind of situation for those with dirty minds)? It's the perfect combo. I've not tried a souffle one of these before that I remember, I'm hoping it's lighter and maybe frothy.
I class these two as the life-savers! They are mud packs to sort out blemishes and oiliness, which I am very prone to. Generally before any big night out or time I might want to look my best, up will pop the godzilla of all spots which will refuse to leave my face without a fight. That's when you need to crack out the big guns, and these are in this category. I've used the one on the left before and I can honestly say it does work. I put it on at night, washed it off after 15 mins then in the morning my skin was visibly clearer.
Chocoholic, moi? Never! Actually I'm more of a savoury person than a sweet one, but I make the exception for goodies like these. As I mentioned before, this is the second time I have bought the White Chocolate one, it smells AMAZING <3 like white chocolate buttons, and I want to eat it! It also leaves your skin feeling so soft, but I'm just in love with the smell to be honest! I actually have the Hot Chocolate mask on right now and had to open the door for the postman. I actually called through the door before I opened it "I have a face mask on so don't get a fright!" HAHA! He didn't look remotely bothered when he saw me even though I look like I'm trying to make some kind of a racist statement by blacking up, and just said "Ah it happens all the time". I'd love to be a postman you must see some sights! Ah well. It's one of those self-heating masks which I really like, even if it does nothing for your skin, it feels like it is and it also smells delish. For the record, I am not racist!! Lol but I do look ridiculous with a dark brown face, regardless of how jealous I am of some of my dusky friends' skin tones I cannot pull it off!! Back to albino for me :(

So, ladies, get yourself down to ASDA or onto their website and get your very own home spa treat! Over and out xxx

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