Sunday, 1 July 2012

Let there be light...and love!

Who doesn't love a little candlelight? Infinitely flattering, masking flaws and giving you that soft-focus film star look. I'm thinking French cuisine and champagne...sigh. If that's a little out of your price range, why not fake that candle-lit look with Too Faced's Absolutley Invisible Candlelight Translucent Powder?

I love the packaging, very Beauty and the Beast! I think the claim of absolutely invisible is a little pointless, as it also claims to give you a light golden gleam as though flickering light from a candle is softly illuminating your face. That's what I took from the marketing anyway.
 I have oily skin, so for me a powder is always necessary, when highlighting I tend to stick to Benefit High Beam or another liquid product as I'm fairly heavy handed with powders so don't want to be too shimmery.
This is a really finely milled product, I had read older reviews of this where people looked like someone has let a primary school class loose with glitter on them, but the glitter (actual gold particles) in this is really fine and not too obvious.
With the flash on, you can see the light literally bouncing off the powder onto my finger, it really is such a gorgeous glow. I've worn this out a couple of times now and because my camera is a bit rubbish, I can't capture it in a picture aaaah! Think Kim Kardashian glow-from-within.

I hope you can see the little gold bits clearly, they aren't overpowering but sitting on your skin you really do have a Hollywood star glow. I think this is good to dust over your face once all your makeup is totally finished but it isn't great for setting your makeup. It's too light to set your foundation, but I still want to put this on everytime I'm going out with full makeup on.
I really love this, and there is a nice version which is half pinky half gold so have a look out for this! It's £22.00 and available from so many outlets online. 10/10


  1. this looks soo pretty! x

    1. It is, it's gorgeous! Would really recommend it xx


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