Thursday, 19 July 2012

Teddy Bear Brush by Too Faced!

Bonjour! I use this greeting as this time next week I will be in France! Literally so excited it's unreal. Not actually so much for the holiday but for duty free and Sephora, is that wrong? I have a list of things I want to get and have allocated funds specifically for makeup and skin care! Sad much? Yep, judge me.

Before I go and get a bunch of new European goodies, I'd better review some of my recent purchases here in old Blighty. I've been quite good, trying to use up old bits and bobs than buying new things, as I know I'm going away. However you may remember my my review of the Too Faced Candlelight Powder (here). Well at the time I picked up a few other bits including their Shadow Insurance, which unfortunately was faulty :( I have to say Debenhams were very helpful and gave me the chance to exchange for something else!
This is the Teddy Bear Big Powder Brush and it is GORGEOUS. It was the very last one, sitting there looking lost and forlorn, so I gave it a home. Boy am I glad I did. It's like applying your powder with a cloud. The good thing for the tree-hugging animal lovers out there is that it is completely synthetic.
I fell in love with the little bow around the handle, it's just beautiful and so girly. This isn't a very professional grown-up looking brush, I can't see it being bought in bulk by MUA's but for your own collection, it's a great brush. These are £26.00 though I got mine half price in the sale, and I would willingly pay full price for it again. The bristles are so so soft, I kept tickling my palm with it just because it feels so nice and forcing various people to feel it "feel how soft this is" *attacks with brush whilst they look scared*
The darker bristles at the end are good, I was worried I would end up staining the brush with my various powders. It picks up powder well, I've had to learn to have a lighter hand with this in order to pick up the right amount.
Look at the lovely soft bristles! I have a full brush collection now, but should I need to replace any of them I will definitely look to Too Faced. Do any of you own their brushes or just their makeup? If not, well worth a look.

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