Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Golden Oldies

Hey guys, today I'm reviewing a product that I might be needing sometime soon, an anti-ageing BB cream. Unlike a lot of women, being on the wrong side of 25 doesn't really bother me, my gran is 76 and acts like a 21 year old so I know age is just a number! However I can totally understand being a little upset when your skin loses firmness and wrinkles appear, so I'm already having a little look about to see what wonder potions there are out there. This BB Cream is by L'Oreal and claims to fight 10 (yes 10!) signs of ageing. I didn't even know there WERE 10 signs but cool, whatever. I had three samples of these sent to me, in the medium shade, through their Facebook page I believe.
These samples are all pretty generous, I didn't even need half of one for my whole face. This is on my hand when I have a bit of fake tan on (couple of shades darker than normal) so the shade is really far too dark for paler skins, but fine for me with a tan which is around NW20. I like that it tends to a neutral tone rather than orange, and I have to say even on the skin it didn't oxidise too much so stayed pretty much the same colour.
Before and afters:

Before (obviously)
As you can see, it has smoothed out my skin tone completely and evened out the coloration, but it is quite waxy until you set it with powder, highlighting any already shine-prone areas. It also does not cover blemishes, which I consider to be a main point of BLEMISH balm?? I had to go over problem areas with concealer, which is fine but something I wouldn't expect from a product like this. After setting and putting the rest of my makeup on this is the finished article:

I did like the finished feel of the BB cream on my skin, but I noticed around my jaw it had gone a little patchy so tried to blend it lightly with my finger. Unfortunately, it rolled off in little rubbings leaving that part of my jaw bare!! So don't touch it when it's set is the moral of that story. As for the rest of my face, I have used Too Faced Brow-nies Eyebrow pencil, Avon Glazewear lipgloss in Iced Pink, Mac Mocha Blusher, Benefit They're Real mascara, Natural Collection eyeliner in brown and an ANCIENT neutal eyeshadow pallette from The Body Shop that doesn't even have the name on it any. Oh and Too Faced Candlelight Powder. Loads of makeup for a no-makeup look, that's quite scary!

Anyway, I would recommend this for older, dryer skins. Perhaps 35+ skins would benefit from this more than I have, it's a bit too thick and waxy when it goes on, and not flexible enough to be manipulated once set. I'll give the other two sachets to my mum and see how she gets on with them. The one major bonus is it did stay on for at least six hours and the colour was great, a couple of people at work thought I had caught the sun!

6/10 for me but generally 8/10, I would not purchase this sadly

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