Thursday, 12 July 2012

Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush

Good morning everyone! I've got a little US ebay purchase for you today, I'd seen this blusher on a couple of blogs and international swaps and was instantly intrigued by how...squishy it looked! I couldn't quite get how you use it if the product just bounces back when you touch it. I decided on the shade no 20 Peach Satin.
It's more of a coral than a peach colour I think? The packaging is your bog standard Maybelline but is quite study and does the job!
This is what it looks like when you push your finger onto it isn't that crazy? It doesn't actually seem to bounce back up as such, but if you push another bit down this comes up again, if that makes sense. Also if you just push down on it none comes off on your finger which makes application a little difficult, you need to really drag your finger into and across the product to get any off.
I don't know if you can see it properly but some of the product comes off in little bits which is a tad irritating. However, all that aside, this product feels beautiful on, very silky and smooth. It is a stunning colour and lasts well on, I put this on to swatch it and it would not come off for hours! I think if you ignored the finger application and used this with a stippling brush it would rival the best cream blushes in the business. If you fancy a break from the norm, get yourself onto ebay and order one of these.

7/10 but only because the product is so hard to get out of the pot and onto the skin

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