Monday, 2 July 2012

Inglot futuristic lips

Hello you lot, today I'm reviewing an item I bought way back in March but had totally forgotten about. When I was up in Aberdeen for work I found the Inglot stall in the new shopping mall next to the train station. I was instantly curious, as I had not heard of the brand but could tell straight away that the colours were highly pigmented and the products good quality. I've since lost the box but the packaging is all a sleek black with white writing, simplistic and classy.

How stunning is that? As you can see I have shade 545, but at the time there were about 6 shades of this AMC lipgloss to choose between. They all had this vaguely scary petrol-effect going on and I was a bit worried they would look ridiculous on, but after swatching I settled for this one. They are all £9.00 I believe, which is a very reasonable price. I spoke to the MUA and she explained she had worked for various high end brands (MAC etc) and she considered these products to be just as good, and that they had been created by a Polish chemist who had worked in the cosmetics industry.

This still looks a little OTT doesn't it! Well fear not as it doesn't look too bad on. This shade makes me feel very futuristic, it's quite a robotic, toxic looking colour which I love. I could imagine pairing this with Illamasqua makeup, and this is cheaper.
Sorry, I don't have any other makeup on here so my skin looks a little bleurgh, but this is the lipgloss on its on, lightly layered. The petrol-effect is mimised and it turns into a lovely peachy-orange colour which is very wearable.
If you want to use this to full effect, layer it over a lipstick. This is it over Mac Viva Glam Nicki. This picture doesn't do the neon brightness of this look full justice so here are a couple more!
I could have sworn I paid £9.00 for this but I've just checked their site and its £12.00. Ah well. It's still worth that I'd say. It's a lighter gloss, not thick and sticky, I'm guessing it must be water-based. This is great as it is very moisturising but I do think this formulation will make you want to reapply more often. However no hair getting stuck to it in the wind! I love the look of this layered over a base colour but I don't think the effect is strong enough when just used on its own. It also smells lovely.

There are some other stunning shades from this range, you can find them here. I'd love to see 546 layered over Mac St Germain, can you think of any nice combos?

9/10 and will most likely get one of the other colours!


  1. The colour looks fab on you!:)Xx

  2. I like how the colour looks on the lips! x
    Island Girl Insights ♥

  3. this is soo pretty! I definitely need to try Inglot :) x

  4. That is such a nice colors! Its perfect for summer. I need to buy it.
    Girl Meets Beauty


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