Sunday, 22 July 2012

Betty Buff Banoffee Sugar Scrub!

Morning all, happy Sunday etc! Another body scrub review of one of the items sent to me kindly by Betty Buff, this time the Banoffee Sugar Scrub. This is a little different from the Besty Zesty Scrub I reviewed here, which I sadly finished the other day. I was in love with that scrub and was a bit worried I wouldnt like this one as much.

The formulation of these sort of scrubs are very different from the likes of the Besty Zesty, which had a lot of liquid to mix in with the sugar and visible bits of fruit through it. This is a much drier formula, which made me feel like it scrubbed a bit deeper but was a bit harder to use as it was crumbly and tended to fall on the floor when I was using it in the shower.
As you can see the sugar all molds together in the pot, it's very sticky and smells delicious! There is brown sugar and freeze dried banana in this, it makes for a rich, warming smell. Very comforting, it reminds me of gingerbread men and banana bread, there is something very sensual about this smell too, like rich coffee.
It is a little too crumbly for my liking, but when it is on your skin and wet, the scent wafts up to you and there is a brownish residue on your skin around the sugar which reminds me of some luxury body treatments I've had abroad. Your skin is left very soft and smooth afterwards.
I do love this scrub and I would definitely recommend it to others, especially for winter time due to the scent, but my heart still lies with Besty Zesty unfortunately! Partly due to the oils and fruit pieces and partly due to the scent. I'm a grapefruit girl at heart!

8/10 for this
*this item was gifted to me for reviewing purposes

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