Monday, 30 April 2012

Wish upon a star...

Every girl has a little wishlist permanently imprinted on her mind. I tend to wander about my day dreaming up outfits for items I don't even own yet! So this is what I'm lusting after just now, and a pretty top I picked up which is my new favourite thing.

Firstly, how gorgeous are these wedges from Zara? I saw them in the Silverburn store and they are a bit more orange-y in real life but I still adore them.

Now that's out the way *sob*, onto the next piece of frippery which would complete my life! I am a classic hourglass shape (read curvy) and love dresses that nip me in at the waist and have a full skirt, a bow and sequins, and I was SOLD. Check out this stunner:
WANT WANT WANT. You can find it at River Island, it's £70.00 but actually feels really well made. It also comes in navy which is gorgeous too! As for my final wishlist item, it's something that has been on my mind for ages, I love anything Vivienne Westwood has a hand in, and jelly shoes are just fun for everyone! So the Melissa collab shoes are right up my street, and while they are all fab, these are my favourites!

Look at them there, smugly revelling in their loveliness! But wouldn't you if you were so pretty? Shiiiinnnny. One day we shall be united, but until then I will keep logging onto Asos and imagining them on my feet. Being a skint student is rubbish!! Anyway onto the one item I do actually own, this beautiful top I found in River Island last week, I got 20% off as it was their student day, so it's totally justified.
Ok, so it has lace (tick), is sheer (tick), pearls on the back (tick) and has MERMAIDS ON IT. Could this be any more amazing? If you fancy it, head to River Island, it's £25.00, and is quite large fitting so go a size down. Warning though it is very sheer so not for the faint-hearted, I'm still trying to decide how brave I am before I wear it with/without a vest top under it. Maybe a bralet? Any advice is welcome!

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