Tuesday, 17 April 2012

MAC Shop Shop Shop Cremeblend Blush "Florida"

Whenever MAC bring out a new collection, it's all I can do to stop myself buying the lot, usually, and the retro looking Shop Shop Shop collection was no exception. I was very good in this case (so far) and limited myself to one carefully chosen item, the lucky item being the Florida Cremeblend blush.

I have tried a couple of mousse blushes before, and borrowed a creme blush once but never really fell for them, but seeing them used more and more in videos and blogs, I took a leap onto the proverbial bandwagon. And I'm so very glad I did! The colour of this blush really is an in-your-face, look at me, Legally Blonde pink. It is unashamedly bright and just so so PINK. Seeing it when I opened the much-anticipated black box, my own colour drained from my face.

But fear not! This little beauty transforms (when used sparingly) into an English Rose hint of a girlish flush. I dab it on with my ring finger and blend gently up towards my temples. I like that I can control how much blush I have on easier than with a brush and powder. Too often I take the brush from my cheek to see I've over-blushed one side and now look like a lopsided clown.

I've used this almost every day since receiving it and it barely looks used, so I reckon I'll get some good mileage out of this one. 10/10 but I probably won't rebuy as this will last ages, and by then I'll be in love with something new no doubt!

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