Monday, 30 April 2012

New shooooes?

As you will probably find out, I have a thing for shoes. Well, I do work for a shoe company so it's only to be expected. It's my job to know about such things, or so I tell myself...

I got a BARGAIN the other day in Topshop. These are easily the cheapest shoes I have bought in years. They were (I kid you not) £4.50!!! In Topshop! You can't get a shapeless t-shirt in there for that! As an aside, it should be noted that while I will spend ridiculous amounts of money on health food or an exclusive whisky, I am ludicrously cheap when it comes to other things. I am Scottish, after all. And a student.

Aren't they pretty though? Kinda retro with the gold bar at the front, suede upper, and a nice chunky heel. No platform though, which I'm used to, so I spent all day today feeling like the world was tilting forward a bit! I wore these to work today for the first time and they were suitably admired. I wore them with a tea dress which had safety pins on and tights with a little line of hearts up the back, and felt ridiculously girly all day! All I needed was a cupcake and some knitting, but I settled for a Hotel Chocolat chocolate bar and Richard watching the football in the background *sigh*.

Have you gotten any bargains lately? What was your best find?

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