Monday, 30 April 2012

L'Oreal Rouge Caresse Lipstick "Nude Indulgence"

Before I start, on my lipstick the shade says "Nude Ingenue" but on the L'Oreal website it is called "Nude Indulgence". WEIRD.

Anyway, the whole blogging community has been going wild over the Revlon lip butters, but I read on a blog somewhere that the L'Oreal version is just as good so thought I'd go for that first! The idea is a lighter lipstick with lipbalm-like qualities that offers colour and moisture. I actually prefer the L'Oreal packaging as it looks a bit more grown up but I know I will like the bright Revlon packaging for summer! Oh I'm so fickle. As the Revlon products aren't on a deal right now I'm going to wait to get them, but keep your eyes peeled for a review!

I don't have any nude lipsticks, I realised recently whilst wading through my plethora of berry, red and purple shades. I tend to go for bold bright colours, as I have dark hair, blue eyes and pale skin I like a bold colour on my lips, but recently I have been experimenting more with my eyeshadow, meaning a bold lip would be overkill.

So I went for the nude shade of this, and it really is lovely. It is sort of a fawn colour on the bullet, but pulls a sort of warm beigey-brown on my lips. The consistency is creamy and not drying, and the finish is more shiny than you would expect from looking at the product in the tube. I like the way the packaging is put together, it is very sturdy and fits snugly around the lipstick, so I'm not worried about breakages.

All in all a great product for a drugstore brand, and a good staple without spending a fortune. As noted in the last post, there are L'Oreal promotions on in Boots and Superdrug at the moment so get buying!

7/10 but I will probably move onto another brand for my next nude lippie!


  1. I want to try a bb cream! Good review! Following you now :)
    Girl Meets Beauty

  2. Yeah, I have my eye on a couple more so watch this space! Thanks love, I'll head on over to yours for a look-see :) xx


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