Monday, 23 April 2012

The Body Shop Lipscuff

Now this is a product I have been using for YEARS, so much so that I noticed when they changed the formula a couple of years ago. Most people know to use an exfoliator for their face and body, but their poor lips get neglected! You could resort to the old-toothbrush trick for getting rid of dry skin, but trust me, this lipscuff is more efficient and much more pleasurable.

It looks just like a lipstick from the outside, but is really a lipbalm crossed with a scrub, that smells amazingly minty and tingles when on. As you can see, it is a mint green colour, but when you get into it, the little scrubbers are brown and look like the could be oats or something equally healthy! You just rub it onto your lips then either use a finger to scrub a little or rub your lips together, then remove the scrubby bits with a tissue (or the back of your hand if you're lazy like me). You are left with smoother feeling lips and the minty balm stays on, moisturising for another couple of hours.

In winter this is a life-saver, especially when combined with Carmex or another heavy-duty lipbalm, but in summer the sun can wreck your lips too, so get this in your life! If you have used this in the past, when it was VERY abrasive, it is a lot more gentle now so give it a second try.

10/10, and I always repurchase! These are £8.00 from the website but they almost always have good deals on!

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