Sunday, 6 October 2013

KIKO cosmetics Purifying Mask

If you're like me, you may never have heard of Kiko cosmetics, a makeup and skincare company from Milan that sell throughout Europe. I discovered them on my trip to Berlin last month and picked up a few treats which I have been testing out, including this face mask. I have since found out that they sell online too, and have a couple of stores in London. They have free shipping and run regular promotions. The shop itself felt very high end, a bit like a MAC store, but the products are very reasonable, this mask retails for £5.90 on their UK site

My skin is oily/blemished so I chose this mask which is designed to purify the skin, but you can get various masks for different skin types, all at the same price. It's an exfoliating mask, which seems to be clay based.
This is the blurb on the back, I love the idea of micro-sponges, though I have no idea what that really means!

I used this in the bath after cleansing my skin normally with a facial cleanser, and applied as per the instructions. This is what the product looks like out of the packaging:
Hopefully you can see all the nice grainy scrubby bits! Does it work? To be honest, I did notice less dry skin and some unclogged pores but it did give me a couple of spots in the days after using it. You could argue that this means it has done its job by purifying the skin. What I would say is, for the price it's a great mask, I would use this instead of one of the Body Shop or Lush masks quite happily. But if you're going on a big night out or have a date coming up, use this at least a few days in advance incase you end up with a massive unsightly blemish!

Overall 6/10, and I would try the other masks in the range also.


  1. Thanks for sharing this review. I also have oil/acne prone skin so I think this would be a great product to try. I will look out for it. I hope they ship to the US. Great Post =)

  2. This looks really good! great review :)
    Lauren xx


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